How Cinema Helped the Travel Industry


The cinema industry is by large one of the biggest in the world, representing a solid part of the entertainment world. More people than ever rely on movies and TV Shows for entertainment and distraction. This industry also has an indirect positive effect on the world of travel.

Due to the many gorgeous landmarks showcased in the movies, the travel industry experienced plenty of growth. There are a handful of ways in which cinema managed to significantly help the travel industry, among many others.


Access to Wider Audiences

Regardless of how much the travel industry is trying to promote certain locations, they can only reach out to so many people. Promoting a certain place across the whole globe is usually a difficult, if not, an impossible task, due to the endless implications. Because of that, travel promotion usually works in a word-of-mouth manner, the movie features playing an important role.

The main advantage of movies when it comes to promoting certain tourist locations consists of the huge audiences they have access to. If a specific spot happens to appear in a blockbuster, you can be certain that a big part of the viewers will want to visit it.

Movies also have access to audiences that generally find traveling more appealing. If, as a country, you’re attempting to promote your landmarks, reaching a targeted audience is hard. However, because many movie enthusiasts are younger, you are more likely to promote travel to more-suitable audiences.

Take for example a city such as Las Vegas, the world’s capital for gambling. The many casinos present in this city received a considerable amount of screen-time throughout the years. A movie enthusiast that’s also into gambling is more likely to visit Las Vegas, rather than another regular city such as New York, thanks to the movie features.

Many people that like casino movies are also more likely to play online casino games similar to the ones found in Vegas. An online casino like Stargames Casino can replicate the Vegas gambling experience with quite a high degree of accuracy.

This means that if you want to visit Vegas because of the movies, you can do it through online casinos, to some extent. The many slots and table games found in such corners of the internet can make you sometimes feel just as if you’re part of blockbuster production.


Community Appurtenance

Certain movies and culture movements can also have a positive effect on the behavior and thoughts of the people. Movies that are relatable to the audience will inspire a desire for community appurtenance. For that reason, some people will start “acting the part” and adopting behaviors from that specific movie.

Traveling is an important part of that community appurtenance psychological-effect of the movies. If one of your favorite characters lives in a certain part of the world, you might grow a soft spot for that particular city. This will undoubtedly make you want to visit it.

If you’re seeing James Bond playing across some of the world’s most eye-catching casinos, you might want to do the same at some point. This fact greatly helped the travel industry, some places even focusing their entertainment opportunities around the movies.

You can also take for example Hunter S. Thompson and the phenomenon that is gonzo journalism. As a result of his books, people often want to experience Vegas in a similar way to Thompson, hundreds flocking the desert in search of the American dream each year.


Movies certainly have a huge impact on culture and the spread of ideas, which are resonating to people on a deeper level. Because of that, certain movie locations are often appealing to the heart of the viewer. This aspect is and will keep on helping the travel industry.