6 places to watch the Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals


Toronto Raptors made it to the NBA Finals this year. Fans have the opportunity to visit these six places to support the team and cheer them on.

Most bars have big screen TV’s and are a great place to keep up with sporting events. The many big screens make it almost impossible to look away. Alongside the visual aspect, the enthusiasm from the crowd cheering makes you want to be involved while enjoying a meal.

Some shisha lounges are another spot to watch the finals. You can watch the game while enjoying your favourite flavour of shisha. Fans can enjoy the pleasure of tasteful foods and beverages to accompany their experience.

Cineplex Cinemas Winston Churchill will be using their big screen to project the game for the finals. The best part of this whole experience, it’s free! Seated comfortably with great audio and visual representation, what more could you ask for. All Raptors viewing parties are free and limited to two tickets per person, per game.

The Rec Room now open in Square One is a new place to enjoy the game. They are an eats and entertainment hot-spot. As each game intensifies, this is a good gathering location to watch the finals.

Jurassic Park at Maple Leaf Square is a lively area where fans come out and support the team. There’s a long wait to get in so get there early.

Here in Mississauga, you can easily support the team at Jurassic Park West, also known as Celebration Square. Capacity is around 30,000 so bring your lawn chair and cheer on the team.

Win or lose, the Raptors have made Canadians proud by making it to the finals. This historic achievement for them has brought the city and country together.
Let’s keep cheering them on, let’s go Raptors!