Financial literacy workshops in Peel


More than 50% of people are one paycheque from a financial crisis. Scary, but it’s a reality for far too many people.

At United Way of Peel Region, we are about poverty reduction. Collectively, we work to reduce poverty, prevent poverty and support people living in crisis right now. 

United Way of Peel Region’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) inspires women through personal philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy in order to positively affect change in the lives of children in Peel Region who are at risk of, or living in poverty.

In partnership with United Way, WLC has identified financial literacy as a key component of poverty reduction.

Financial literacy is having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. This involves understanding financial matters, being able to apply that financial knowledge in everyday life, having the confidence to make important decisions dealing with money. Financial literacy is essential to reducing and preventing poverty.

WLC will be hosting financial literacy workshops for youth and adults. There are significant gaps in Peel with respect to financial literacy courses and information. As a result, many youth and families lack the building blocks and foundational knowledge to make sound financial decisions. 

United Way has partnered with 11 agency partners and scheduled 12 financial literacy education sessions to empower and educate youth and adults about the financial knowledge and skills. These sessions are co-facilitated by the WLC volunteers and financial industry experts.

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