10 Design trends to look for in 2017


Each New Year brings with it new trends, colours and design options, and 2017 is no exception. Here are my top 10 trends to watch for in 2017. You might even want to try out a few!

1. Darker Colours

Darker colours add drama and warmth to any space. A colour I simply love this year is Shadow 2117-30 by Benjamin Moore. It’s bold, dramatic and fun. You can also use this colour in accent pieces to bring it into your décor. 

2. Pillows

If you are nervous about adding in darker colours to your walls, a great place to start is in pillows, a duvet, or a rug. This allows you to test a dramatic colour, but at the same time you can easily swap it out or try another colour. This works in any room – from bedroom to bathroom, kitchen to family rooms. Try out a few pillows from my my Jo Alcorn line as a start!

3. Accents

An alternate to adding in bold, dramatic colours is to incorporate bright and cheery accents. Try a  new headboard which will make a dramatic statement. Adding a few stools in the same pattern but different colours will also make a huge impact.  Also available on joalcorn.ca.

4. Wall Detailing

I love wall detailing – even the most subtle elements can make an incredible impact. Both wallpaper and wood detailing can give you an elegant custom look, but if a project of this scale isn’t in the cards for you, try a bohemian wall hanging. Homesense has some great options that will make a huge impact in your space. 

5. A Fireplace

Nothing is more natural and calming than a fireplace. My favourite unit is the new Dimplex Stockbridge Opti-myst stove that is functional and mobile . The flames look and sound as real as a wood burning, crackling fire. For pennies a day you can have all the comfort and nostalgia of a roaring fire without any mess or a pricy gas bill.

6. Soft-Close Systems

If you are tackling a kitchen reno in 2017, look at the little details that make the biggest impact. A feature I can’t live without is soft close cabinet and drawer system. GRASS is a world class leader in soft close hardware that absorbs every load gently and silently. It’s usually only a slight increase in your budget and the return is so rewarding. No more slamming doors or jamming drawers. It’s an upgrade well worth the investment. 

7. Appliances

While we’re on the topic of the kitchen, think about your appliances. KitchenAid has gone above and beyond with their new Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Professionally-inspired with features like a platinum interior, unique premium wood finish and sleek Stainless Steel appearance take this refrigerator from stylish to exquisite so there’s no sacrificing function for fashion. Add to that the bonus of a PrintShield exterior which helps keep fingerprints at bay.

8. Faucets

On the topic of kitchens, this is the year to add some bling to your sink – a magnificent faucet is like a jewel in the kitchen. You use it every day, people see it when you are gathered in the kitchen, and it’s meant to be functional. If you are considering an upgrade, check out Delta’s stunning new faucets in an array of styles and finishes. This year, make your faucet a focal point instead of having it fade into the background. 

9. Chandeliers

Let the light shine in! Instead of the lighting fading away into the background, let it stand out. It’s all about drawing your eye up to enjoy the lighting you have chosen. This year, make your chandelier a statement piece.  Artcraft has some amazing lighting pieces that truly are a piece of artwork or if your budget doesn't allow, you can also choose less pricey pieces from Bouclair who also have a great selection. 

10. The Bathroom

For the bathroom a few simple upgrades can make the most impact. Try changing out your faucet to a wall mount. I love the look and finish of Delta’s new Elvis edition (and who can resist the name). To add even more of a fresh feel try swapping out your towels or shower curtain, these little things can make your space feel brand new – Bouclair has a great bath selection with new lush towels, great patterns in shower curtains and towel latters which are all very affordable.