6 ways to avoid the holiday bulge

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Great music, fun family get-togethers, classic movies and festive food really make the month of December fly by, and before we know it the new year is here. Being so busy entertaining, gift shopping and attending holiday functions can really knock us out of our regular routines. Gaining weight over the holidays is almost inevitable and some people are even becoming accustomed to it, but this doesn’t have to be you. If you are not okay with a little “holiday bulge,” check out the 6 tips below. I know I will be following them! 

1. Remind friends and family – please no candy or chocolates as gifts! 

For a few years, I have been reminding my family and friends to please not give me candy or chocolates as gifts. I will openly admit that chocolate is my weakness and I cannot resist the temptation. Don’t worry about your friends and family being insulted, most people totally understand and can relate.

2. Eat before heading out

Most people that attend holiday functions find themselves surrounded by never-ending supplies of food and the tendency to overeat is likely. Instead of planning to eat at the function, try eating beforehand. Even having a small snack can kill cravings and prevent the urge to stuff yourself when you arrive.

3. Is your glass half full?

As fun and exciting as the holidays are, thinking about the amount of calories in the punch is not fun nor exciting. Try opting for a glass of wine or vodka with tonic water and lemon. Keep in mind – it’s not just the liquor that has calories but the soda you choose to mix it with as well.

4. Give away leftovers

When the guests are packing up and ready to head out…give away your leftovers! This can prevent overeating the next day or maybe even later that night once everyone is gone.

5. Don’t keep snacks on the counter or coffee table

Around the holidays, people tend to buy snacks and treats that can sit out for guests to munch on while visiting. However, once the guests leave it’s best to put the snacks away as convenience might cause you to overindulge later on.

6. Avoid the communal cookies at the office

This goes for cookies, chocolates and candy! It’s quite common for clients, business partners or any kind of professional relationship to send a basket full of sweets around the holidays. Avoid indulging in sweet treats at your desk and especially while working as it’s hard to keep track of just how much you have treated yourself! 

Whatever your weakness, many of us have one thing in common – we aren’t happy in January when we see that “holiday bulge.” To avoid extra trips to the gym and regretting that extra piece of pie, do your best to stick to your current routine. If you go to the gym regularly – keep going. If you are watching what you eat – keep watching. Most importantly - enjoy yourself, enjoy your company, laugh a lot but don’t use the holidays as an excuse to put on unwanted weight.