6 Reasons to Visit Streetsville

Lead image courtesy of the  ricoladevelopments.com

Lead image courtesy of the ricoladevelopments.com

Ah, Streetsville, the “Village in the City” founded by Mr. Timothy Street in 1824 (wasn’t that the last year the Leafs won the cup? We kid, we kid!). 
Rich in history and heritage with a range of remarkable restaurants, along with a solid spread of spas and salons and so much more, they exude that oh-so-quaint feeling in the middle (well, kinda northwest of centre, to be exact) of Canada’s sixth largest city.
With some suggestions from our friends at the Streetsville BIA, we’ve put together six reasons you should visit good ol’ Streetsville:

1. The Streetsville Village Square

Image courtesy of Streetsville Living

Image courtesy of Streetsville Living

A newly renovated, state-of-the-art open-air space at the corner of Main and Queen. With its rustic brick surface, it’s a beautiful destination to sit and relax, soak in the atmosphere and is made for public enjoyment. It’s also used for several events, from the lighting of the Christmas tree, to yoga, Remembrance Day celebrations, movie nights, buskers and more!

2. History and Heritage

Image courtesy of Streetsville Living John Graydon home built in 1866  

Image courtesy of Streetsville Living
John Graydon home built in 1866

Boasting the largest number of heritage buildings in any community in Mississauga, Streetsville has made it easy to experience memory lane and absorb its rich history. The Streetsville BIA hosts complimentary walking tours in the summer and pamphlets for those who prefer the “do it yourself” method. 

3. Spas and Salons

Looking to get pampered in style? Need a quick “mani-pedi” or a full day to relax and rejuvenate? The plethora of spas and salons are here to make you look and feel like a million bucks! Well, 0.65% of a million bucks based on the Canadian dollar. Either way, there’s something for nearly every fancy in Streetsville.

4. Restaurants

While Streetsville’s footprint isn’t huge, their food game is. From pubs to patios and fine dining to finger foods, the dining options are plentiful. And there’s a pretty solid live music scene in the land of Timothy Street, if you want to tap your toes while you eat and drink!

5. The picturesque village in the city

Image courtesy of the Streetsville BIA

Image courtesy of the Streetsville BIA

With its postcard-esque look and feel, Streetsville’s main strip is a two lane road that runs on Queen street from Eglinton to Britannia (we know, we know, it’s the world’s worst kept secret). But, with its quiet streets, small-town friendly and inviting atmosphere and old fashioned charm, it truly exudes a vibrant village in the city look and feel.

6. Events

Image courtesy of the Streetsville BIA

Image courtesy of the Streetsville BIA

Between the Bread and Honey Festival, Canada Day, the Santa Claus parade, the Taste of Streetsville and Remembrance Day, along with other smaller ones, there’s often something happening. 
Whether it be the wonderful retailers showing appreciation for their customers, a walking tour or even a smaller gathering, or something that falls in the middle, there’s always an air of excitement buzzing around Streetsville. 

We’d love to hear from you about what your reasons are to visit Streetsville.
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