Modern Motoring: The 2016 Ford Focus Titanium

When Ford Canada reached out to Modern Mississauga and offered up a 2016 Ford Focus Titanium for a week, we responded with a fairly quick “yes please!”
The actual test week took place in late May and we were humorously given the preface of “treat the Focus Titanium like your personal sidekick, kinda like C-3P0 in Star Wars, seeing as it’s full of modern technology.” Good thing, too, since we’re running Mississauga’s premier city-wide lifestyle magazine…sometimes an assistant comes in handy!

The Focus was decked out in Stormtrooper white…well, Oxford White actually, but since we’re on a Star Wars kick, let’s go with Stormtrooper.
The sedan tester we had looked sharp and we happened to have a meeting with Eileen Mackenzie, CEO of the Community Foundation of Mississauga, who happens to drive a 2013 Focus Titanium in Darth Vader black. We chatted about why she’s a big fan of her current car and she said that the technology, looks and overall great feel of the car are why she chose it. She’s a busy gal overall and she also mentioned that the fuel efficiency scores well for her, regardless of whether she’s stuck in city traffic or cruising on rural/highway roads.

The technology in the 2016 offering sees a standard back-up camera, along with host of available options, including BLIS, automatic high beam assist, lane keep assist, SYNC 3 (which is new, fantastic and much more intuitive and responsive than the outgoing model) and active park assist, which will out-park the Millennium Falcon every time.

Power-wise, while not as fast as a spaceship, the 2.0L 160 horsepower and 146 lb-ft. of torque move the Focus adequately. There’s enough power to pass and get you up to speed on the highway. 

We toted around town, from Meadowvale to Port Credit and nearly all spots in between and found the Focus very comfortable, as did the few passengers we had along the way. 
The fuel ratings come in at 9.0 City 6.2 Hwy 7.7 combined for L/100km and holds 47 litres of regular fuel. Of course, your driving habits will see those figures move a bit.

There’s plenty to like in the 2016 Ford Focus Titanium and the available technological offerings mentioned help it become an attractive option to potential buyers. 
The big draw is the SYNC 3 and while the rest of the Focus looks/feels/drives nicely, it’s the brains of this car that’ll help it stand out. 

Enjoy the gallery below: