A sneak peak at 'Seeds of Sophrosyne' by Canadian author Sandy Yousef

The word "Sophrosyne" in the title of the book is defined as a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation and a deep awareness of one's true self, that results in true happiness.
In this creative narrative, Sandy Yousef gives her readers a glimpse into a hormonally imbalanced mind. Seeds of Sophrosyne introduces you to Sydney Chopra, a young man who has been suspended from his education at the University of Cyprus who is sent back to India to face an internal battle. Having not fulfilled the traditional expectations set by the Indian culture, he struggles to accept his mental illness when as those around him ignore it.
Matters of family reputation, secrecy and honor come into question as Sydney’s life and mental health are pushed to the forefront. The story examines the relationship between Sydney and his best friend Carmen and how she refuses to abandon him. While fighting her own battles, Carmen struggles with demeaning her own problems for her best friend’s mental health while dealing with the conflicts of a long distance friendship. 

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About the author:
Sandy Yousef is a multi-disciplinary artist that has just completed a Visual Culture and Communications Specialist at the University of Toronto. She was born in Egypt but grew up in Kuwait. Her life in the Middle East inspired her to write Seeds of Sophrosyne, a story about a boy in India struggling with a mental illness. Sandy hopes to raise awareness about the complexities of having a mental illness within a culture that often doesn't acknowledge and stigmatizes these issues.