Apache chili pepper sauce recipe


If you're someone who likes to put stuff on stuff (think cheese, ketchup or hot sauce or whatever your choice of topping is) and you like spicy yet fresh ingredients, then this is the recipe for you!

Warning: This sauce has the potential to become your new "I put that s*#% on everything" favourite!


200 grams (about 2 cups) of Apache chilies (or any kind of small chili pepper), tips cut off and sliced lengthwise with seeds*
4 medium tomatoes, quartered
4-5 small cloves of garlic, peeled
1/2 of a medium sweet onion
Handful of fresh chives (or 2 green onions)
1/4 wedge of fresh lime, peeled

Ingredients to taste
1-4 tbsp of white vinegar
1-4 tsp of cane sugar
1 tsp each of salt and pepper or more to taste

*It's the seeds that increase the level of heat drastically, (and I mean drastically... You may want to have your friends sign a waiver before trying), so if you want your chili sauce to be more on the milder side (but still a little spicy), use little to none of the seeds.


  1. Clean and prep all of your fresh ingredients. Add them all to a food processor. Pulse until combined.
  2. The next three ingredients are added with a strong emphasis on taste preference. It's always a good idea to add the minimum amount suggested, pulse, and then taste before adding more.
  3. Add your vinegar. Start with 1 Tbsp and add up to an additional 3 Tbsp to taste.
  4. Next, add your sugar. Start with a tsp and add up to an additional 3 tsp to taste.
  5. Finally, add your salt and pepper. Start with a tsp of each and add more to taste.

This recipe makes about 4 cups of a sweet, very hot chili sauce perfect for spring rolls, dumplings, or just about anything you'd like an extra kick with!

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Kat Maltarp, BSc. is a Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Health & Exercise Practitioner.