Modern Mississauga Presents Ask The City - Why are lanes near bus stops painted red?


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Today’s question is about pavement markings near bus stops.  

Why are lanes near bus stops painted red? 

The red lanes you see near MiWay bus stops and at intersections across the City are bus-only lanes.
These lanes are painted red to increase visibility to all road-users. Dedicated bus-only lanes help ensure the safety of both pedestrians and other vehicle traffic and help maintain traffic flow. These lanes only work if all other road users keep clear.  
Motorists should not drive or park in these lanes at any time. In particular, motorists should be cautious they are not driving in a bus-only lane when approaching or making a turn in an intersection. Red lanes will be painted in several locations, including at Burnhamthorpe Road and Cawthra Road.

Mississauga’s public transit service, MiWay, has started work on various projects to enhance public transit safety in Mississauga, with funding through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). In addition to painting bus-only lanes at bus stops, MiWay has also added red paint to bus-only turn lanes at intersections across the city to enhance visibility, among other improvements. One example of this is at Rathburn Road and the Transitway Entrance. 
It is important for motorists, pedestrians and transit riders to follow proper laws and be alert. Motorists should be courteous and yield to buses merging in traffic. Also, be cautious of transit riders boarding and exiting buses. 

MiWay riders should allow customers with disabilities to board the bus first and never chase a moving bus. Also, when boarding, please move toward the back of the bus to make room for other customers and help MiWay run better for everyone by saving the seats at the front of the bus for customers with disabilities. 

For more information about MiWay, visit or call MiWay Customer Service at 905-615-4636 (INFO).

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