Small Business Profile - The Port Credit Music Academy


For the past 19 years, the Port Credit Music Academy (PCMA) has been teaching music lessons in the community and for the past three years, local professional singer/songwriter Chase Stevens has been at the helm. 


Students of any age and any skill level can take lessons in guitar, bass, piano, vocals, strings and flute. Nearly all of the teachers have post-secondary educations in music, theory and performance. They’re well trained and proficient on their instruments, which helps increase the engagement of students. In fact, nearly all teachers are active performers, which adds an enhanced element to the lessons by being able to integrate playing and performing. 
New for this year is the exciting addition of a songwriting course, taught by a professional and published songwriter. While songwriting is quite subjective, there are still elements that are constant and there’s a craft to songwriting, which PCMA aims to teach to songwriters of various levels.


Many studies have shown the lasting benefits of learning a musical instrument from cognitive development to enhanced social skills and increased self-esteem. But most of all, music is fun. Stevens’ has made PCMA a warm and welcoming environment for both students and parents on the second floor studio in the heart of Port Credit.
The school has certainly seen growth since Stevens’ became the owner in 2015 and he, along with his experienced teachers, are excited to continue growing and welcoming more and more students. 
Many of the students have been with PCMA for multiple years, which is a strong testament to the quality of the school, instructors and leadership.

For more information, please visit or call 905-271-0877