6 cool and unique Christmas gifts

In the spirit of black Friday and cyber Monday, I can’t be the only one wanting to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. With the holiday season fast approaching, I have compiled my list of the top six unique gifts to give! 

Customized Clothing


Number six on my list is a customized shirt. Who doesn’t love something tailored perfectly to them? For those dog lovers out there, I personally recommend Pop your Pup. They take a personal photo of you dog (that you upload) and print it onto a shirt in pop art fashion. It’s perfect for the dog lover on your list. 

Customized Gift Basket


Coming in at fifth place is a gift basket. Have someone who is difficult to shop for? Someone who has everything? Or just in a jam to throw together a Christmas gift for the host of a Christmas party you completely forgot about? A gift basket is your saving grace. Pick a theme and stick with it. People are generally easy to please around Christmas, for those hard to shop for ladies grab one of those jumbo wine glasses from Wal-Mart, throw some chocolates in the cup, wrap a scarf around the base, and adorn the stem with a stylish bracelet or two, throw some clear wrapping paper and ribbon around it and voila- they’ll think you dedicated hours to this. For the tough guy in your life, beer is always a good starting point. Grab a metal (or plastic) bucket from the dollar store, put a couple beers (or drinks of preference) in there, a hat for their fav sports team, maybe a shot glass, and their preferred game time snack and you are good to go. Unique as it comes, you definitely won’t have to worry about repeat gifts with this. 

A Unique and/or Personalized Coffee Mug


Fourth is a coffee mug. But not just any coffee mug. Find the one coffee mug that you think speaks to their soul on a personal level, one you know they will never go a day without, the one that embodies them as a person. The best place to find these mugs is Winners or amazon.  Whether a crazy shape, a cute saying, or completely customized (some photography websites offer mug customization), this will for sure be a stand out gift. 

Customized Jewelry


As customized anything is huge this year, third place goes to a customized piece of jewelry. A sweet saying, a humorous phrase, or even just a date, a personalized piece of jewelry will leave a lasting imprint on whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Etsy is a fantastic place to find just what you’re looking for- from necklaces, to dog tag chains, to earrings, to rings even, you will definitely give a memorable gift. 

Authentic or Vintage Items


Second on my list of unique gifts is anything authentic or vintage. A signed ball from a favourite team, an authentic poster from that 1989 concert your uncle went to years ago, or a vintage piece of clothing from a favorite band, authenticity is very important to this gift. These things can get pricey, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny on something you know they’ll cherish forever. Amazon, pawn shops, or even thrift stores are great for this. 

A Rare Experience


The number one spot on my list is giving the opportunity to experience something they would never do on their own. For example, taking a formula on race car around the track for a joy ride, a hot air balloon ride, or something simple as a relaxing spa escape, giving them an experience they wouldn’t otherwise gain is a gift in itself. One of the best places for this is Groupon. Offering incredible deals, you can find things that you wouldn’t even dream of doing! 

There you have it, happy hunting!