Holiday Gift Guide - 8 books worth reading and gifting

The Code Red Revolution

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With weight loss constantly at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution list, a striking majority are unsuccessful in a matter of weeks after January 1st.  With a plethora of other books, tips, tricks, diets, etc., The Code Red Revolution stands apart with 7 simple rules to move forward and change your lifestyle.  Author Cristy Nickel examines food, exercise, fat, dairy and controversial weight-loss methods before delving into simple rules to follow to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. 
Peppered throughout the book are real-life success stories of everyday folks to help strengthen the content in the book and helping show readers that anyone can make the change if their willing to.

You Can Win

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Shiv Khera’s You Can Win outlines methods to building confidence through his seven step plan, transforming weaknesses into strengths and taking charge by controlling aspects of your life instead of having them control you. 
The subtitle is “A step by step tool for top achievers” and chapter titles include “Importance of Attitude”, “Attributes of Success”, “What’s Holding Us Back” and “Values and Vision.”
Our favourite quote from this book is “ability teaches us how we do, motivation determines why we do, and attitude decides how well we do.”

The Compass Solution

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Tim Cole’s book on how to maximize your career is broken down into several small, relevant and influential digestive bites, opposed to large, chunky chapters that are a chore to get through.
The motivational quotes that start each section are enjoyable and more so are the “Straight Talk” short summaries that succinctly centralize what you’ve just read in the chapter/sub chapter of The Compass Solution. 

No Time To Bury Them

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This captivating historical book tells the story of life in the Yukon in 1907, the time surrounding the Gold Rush and the trials and tribulations about this volatile period of Canadian history.
From the bravery of the early Mounties to the ruthless gang leaders of the time, this book makes an ideal gift for the history buff in your life.

Close Deals Faster

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John Asher’s 15 shortcuts to his proven sales method has taken the complex world of sales and simplified them. Yes, you still have to put in the hard work and consistent effort. However, the strategies and skills outlined here have the potential to be a better communicator with clients, increase your success rate and can work for businesses of any size.
From understanding your customer, identifying prospects, becoming a better listener and handling objections, Close Deals Faster is a solid resource for those in the world of sales. 

Don't F** It Up

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Handing over control to a company you founded is far from an easy task. Sure, there are financials involved but the brand you built, the name recognition and reputation you've carved out is part of the legacy. In Les Trachtman's book, he himself has experienced four instances where he's succeeded the company's founder and shares his "founder frustrations" in his book, including how to over come it and help the business thrive.
Relinquishing control isn't always easy but Les shows you how it can be done pain free.


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This absolutely enchanting novel that celebrates our nation's rich history, through Canadian historian Anne Hamre. She uses extensive research and her own family history to do just that in her striking new novel, Passages. This work of fiction is based on her grandparents’ lives set in the early years of the 20th Century, Passages transports readers across three continents—Europe, Australia, and North America. It chronicles not just the disparate climates and lifestyles encountered in such far-flung places and the long passages between them, but the lives that are changed by these travels.

Hamre offers an intricately researched, authentically rendered portrait of both the hardships and the triumphs of the age. Readers will experience the piercing ache of loss near and afar, recognize the myriad sources of a spouse’s worry, feel the lifting of spirit that is found in community, and celebrate the enduring steadiness of a couple’s true love.

Surviving the D**k Clique: A Girl's Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World

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Women-in-business expert Holly Caplan has provided a guide for women who find themselves working side-by-side with men and facing unchartered gender challenges. 

Caplan is an award-winning sales leader, fighting her way up the corporate ranks for the past two decades, working her way from a sales representative to high-level management position. She experienced first-hand discrimination simply because she was female. With colorful language, self-deprecating humor and realistic rules, the book aims to de-normalize this unfair treatment while creating a resource and support system for women who are met with these obstacles.
"I want to see each woman work with dignity, respect, and to lead by example," adds Caplan. "To know their worth and believe in themselves. I also want them to see humor in their experiences and know that mistakes are normal and healthy.”