Modern Motoring - The 2018 Honda Accord


Entering its 10th generation, the 2018 Honda Accord continues its reign as the benchmark for mid-sized sedans.  Combining sleek styling, an attractive interior, tons of technology with smaller yet strong engine choices, the Accord breathes life into a shrinking segment. 
This is also the first Accord to be built in Canada opposed to Japan in the Accord’s 41 year history and after spending a few days in Jasper, AB, there’s plenty to love about it.



Fully redesigned for 2018, the Accord sports a sleek, modern exterior that maintains its traditions of being styled with a balance of conservatism and elegance. There’s a “fastback” styling to the rear with a sharper slope than the outgoing model, which gives it a certain upper-class and look and feel.
LED lights bookend the vehicle and thanks to new design technology, the roof and body panels have cleaner connection.  Overall, Honda has done terrific work in providing a beautiful exterior in the new Accord.



One of the largest changes in the 2018 Accord is what you feel opposed to see.  Doing more with less is the theme here and the application is that all models will come with either a 1.5L or 2.0L turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine, opposed to the outgoing 6-cylinder engines.
The 1.5L powerplant kicks out a healthy 192 horsepower and matching 192 lb-ft. of torque with very little lag and expect it to be the engine most consumer choose.
Fancy a bit more friskiness beneath your right foot? The 2.0L engine (borrowed and tuned from the ravishing Type-R Civic) elevates you to an impressive 252 horsepower and 273 lb-ft. of torque, which adds an exclamation mark to the already notable Accord.
The best part? Both engines run off good ol’ 87 octane fuel. 
Also, if you opt for the 2.0L engine, you’ll enjoy a 10-speed automatic gearbox or a silky smooth 6-speed manual box.
Fuel economy averages out in the mid 7’s for the autobox and high 7’s for the DIY manual method.



On the road, the smooth shifting Accord is responsive both from a dead stop and well into the mid-range of driving. Passing isn’t an issue but you will hear a bit of engine noise as the RPM’s climb as you safely maneuver through the windy roads of Jasper or through the backroads of Milton and most everything in between.
Cornering and handling score well here with a lower center of gravity there’s a high level of responsiveness to whatever it is you direct the Accord to do.



Starting off with very comfortable heated front seats and a very clean layout, every 2018 Accord driver will also enjoy Honda’s Sensing safety technology ( adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warning, lane-keep assist, traffic recognition) a 12-way power seats, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, sunroof,  a large 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system (yes, there’s a volume knob!) and a backup camera.
The large 7-inch screen on the dashboard is easy to scroll through and provides a plethora of information and trunk space chimes in at a useful 473 litres. 
Navigation comes on the higher trims but with a smartphone, you’ll be just fine. 
After nearly 7 hours of driving in one day inside the Accord (I happily shared driving duty with Jim Kenzie) I’ll give my stamp of approval towards the Accord being “road-trip” ready. There spacious cabin offers great levels of comfort, the ride quality is quite smooth and road noise is at a minimum at cruising speeds. 



With everything that’s been done to improve the 2018 Accord, the folks at Honda are taking a smart and strategic step towards increasing market share by offering a stellar product priced between the mid-$20K’s and the high $30K mark.
As the drive towards SUV’s and crossovers continue to accelerate, not everyone wants/needs one. And for those who prefer the mid-sized sedan market, Honda’s got a sensible, stylish and safe option.
As they close in on the million Accords sold mark, Honda will reach that mark in part thanks to this striking Accord.