8 unconventional ways to work up a sweat In Mississauga


Nothing beats the winter blues like endorphins coursing through your body. The only trouble is, working out can be a real drag. We all know being active is a great way to stay happy and healthy, but sticking to a workout regimen never seems to work out the way we think it will. The best way to keep it up is to mix it up. There are a lot of different ways to stay in shape—from trampoline aerobics (neon head bands optional) to circus school. Check out these off-the-wall ways to work up a sweat in Mississauga!

1 – Sky Zone

On Hawkestone Road you’ll find Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a huge facility that specializes in fun and fitness. They have SkyFit class for $13 where you can workout, aerobics style, on a trampoline—no 80s-style spandex suit required. But if you prefer to come at fitness sideways, trampoline dodgeball games are another unconventional way to stay active. What sets Sky Zone apart is their special discount on Tuesdays where you can get a 60 minute jump pass for just $10.

2 – Brass Vixens

Pole dancing isn’t just for bachelorette parties; it’s also the best workout you’ll get in your life. What’s even better is that it will keep you motivated to continue practicing. It sounds intimidating, but it’s just hard in the beginning. Later on once you’ve built up the strength in your arms and hands, when you perform your first flip or inversion, you’ll see how it all pays off. At Brass Vixens on Kitimat Road, you can get 30 days of unlimited beginner classes for $79. They have a special Pole Dance & Fitness class, Cardio Hula Hooping, and other great metabolism-boosting activities.

3 – Laser Quest

If you like your workouts with a side of combat training, laser tag is a great way to step up your workout game. For starters, it involves lots of running—if you want to win, that is. And before you say that you hate running, trust us, you are way more likely to get those hamstrings moving in the laser tag pitch than your local gym’s treadmill machine. At Laser Quest on American Drive, you can book a regular game for $9 or a special Iron Man game for $12—only available on weekends.

4 – Defcon Paintball

Similar to laser tag, paintball involves a lot of running. It’s a high-intensity cardio workout with strategic breaks for reloading or waiting in ambush. Defcon Paintball is a huge paintball facility on Royal Windsor Drive which has group booking starting from $20 per person. The larger your party, the less you’ll pay per person, so think about getting a bunch of friends together for this one.

5 – A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque

If you ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus, this is your moment. A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque is a circus dance studio on Strathy Avenue which specializes in aerial fitness. Think of it as your very own circus fitness getaway. They have classic aerial silks class, aerial hoops, and the show stopper: trapeze. Winter classes last up to 22 weeks, and vary in price. Just note if you’re thinking of diving in, you need to check out their aerial combo course first, which will get you in shape for the more advanced aerial classes and make sure you’ve got the right safety training.

6 – Ultimate Laser Tag

If you like to go with the flow, think about shaking things up with walk-in laser tag sessions. You can find them at Ultimate Laser Tag on Sladeview Crescent. What really sets them apart are their walk-in rates, only $7 per player. Here you can really enjoy playing laser tag, while keeping yourself active. You’re more likely to jump in the game when you have no obligations to book in advance.

7 – Air Riderz

Air Riderz is a huge, colorful trampoline park on Ridgeway Drive. They have been in business for a bit over a year, and they are known for their family-friendly atmosphere. What they are also super good at is keeping adults happy. As you jump up and down on trampolines, you can take a trampoline aerobics class or play dodgeball. Dodgeball games are $20 per hour and open jump is $14. What makes Air Riderz unique is their kids’ climbing zone, and of course their cartoonish neon design. They also have a Tuesday discount—so keep an eye out for that.

8 – Paintball Nation

Paintball Nation is another great way to work up a sweat.
General admission is $27 and group pricing is $17.50 per player and includes everything a player would need to play with their friends. They also  also do drop in play every day of the week so there is no planning required if you would choose so. Drop in play is $20.50 per player during the week and $22 per player during the weekend Their games require lots of planning and good strategy, and they will also make you run a lot. The arenas at Paintball Nation are quite big so they are suitable for large groups of people. So stop by with your friends—the only thing better than an unconventional workout is a workout with your pals!


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