Modern Entrepreneur: Sue Quinn of Kamp K-9

“Dogs are it for me. That’s all I can say about wanting them to be happy.”

If there was somebody destined to work with dogs, it would be Sue Quinn. 

She was in the banking industry for over 30 years previously and her passion directed her toward Kamp K-9 - A multi award winning, everything dog-related day-care.

There isn’t much a dog owner can’t do with their pet at Kamp K-9. It’s a deceptively massive facility fit with wash stations, a training area, two different outdoor play areas, dozens of rooms for overnight stays, and a 24/7 staff attendant to care for them around the clock. It wasn’t an easy road for Quinn, but now her life with dogs is a walk in the park. 

“Like most young girls I wanted to be a veterinarian and to do that you have to make money to go to school. So I started in the bank with my parents - 32 years later when you have seniority, and you have vacation, and you have benefits and everything, you think, should I or shouldn’t I,” said Quinn. 

Other than bring your dog to work day, dogs don’t really belong in a banker’s chair. Dogs are notoriously bad with numbers and will continually invest in tennis balls because of “high return rates.” 

“This is always what I’ve wanted to do. This was my passion; the bank was not my passion.”

Long story short, banking and dogs do not mix, but banking and making a living do. Quinn waited for the perfect opportunity to get her paws on a big open facility. She eventually found one and had big ideas for her business which required some help. Quinn worked up the courage to wander into The Dragon’s Den in hopes they would dip into their pot of gold (or whatever mythical riches dragons typically safeguard). No suit of armor, no glimmering sword, instead Quinn enlisted the help of two of her kampers, Bailey and Kahlua, to do some tricks and dance. 

“Although I did not get any money out of them, they were not as wise-cracking as they could have been,” Quinn said with a smirk, “Kevin [O’Leary] was even nice to me!” 

Quinn left the Den with only minor burns, but again found herself at square one. With her head held high, she tried and tried to find somebody to believe in her vision like she did. She says this was without a doubt her biggest challenge.

“As much money as you think you need to start your new business, you need at least 10 to 20 times more money than that to start it up. You don’t realize this until after you’ve started it.” 

It wasn’t too long before she barked up the right tree and Kamp K-9 was born. Doors opened more than four years ago, but they must be dog years because it’s as if it’s been around for 10. Initially just a place for dogs to stay and play while owners are away, it became a place of training, grooming and wellness, with lots of room still to grow.
Whatever you do, don’t throw Sue Quinn a bone. The dogs swarm her enough as it is and a bone at her feet would cause a riot. A small, cute, slobbery riot of adorable dogs. On second thought, maybe throw two or three bones; who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?