Modern Dining: El Mariachi Tacos and Churros

Mississauga’s newest Mexican restaurant, El Mariachi Tacos and Churros, has set up shop in quaint Streetsville and owned by husband and wife team of Mike and Monica Aitken.
They were always going to Toronto for great Mexican food and it came to them that Mississauga needs an authentic, fresh Mexican restaurant in Streetsville. And so, El Mariachi was born to fill a need in Mississauga's thriving culinary scene.
Located in the old Graydon building, they’ve had the idea of opening a restaurant for a few years but the timing just wasn't right for them, until now. Through hard work, dedication and a “always fresh, never frozen” food mantra along with the goal of creating a friendly, inviting and comfortable atmosphere, they're determined to provide a consistently great dining atmosphere full of stellar customer service and mouthwatering Mexican cuisine.

Signature food items

Tacos, tacos, tacos! There are nearly 10 different types of authentic, home-style tacos that grace the menu, (there’s a vegetarian option as well!) which include:

Al pastor – Crisp roasted pork marinated with guajillo chiles and achiote topped with pineapple onion and cilantro.
Camarones al pastor- shrimp with pastor adobo sauce topped with pineapple onion and cilantro. 
Rajas con queso  - Fresh poblano peppers sautéed with onions, corn, sour cream and melted cheese. 
Baja tacos- Fresh battered cod served in flour tortillas topped with Chipotle mayo and coleslaw. 

As a fun side note, they use corn tortillas opposed to rice/wheat.

And of course, as their name indicates, churros, which are served with Dulce de Leche and chocolate.

There’s a ton of other delicious options on the menu, which you can find on their website located at the bottom of this article that includes a kids menu.

Signature drink

The Margarita Rita, described as the perfect combination of an original margarita and a coronita.
We’re pretty excited to try the Mexican Vampire, which is Tequila, lime juice, Clamato and grapefruit soda.
They'll also be using high quality tequila (sorry Mr. Cuervo) in their alcoholic drinks.

Short description

High quality, authentic, fresh and flavourful food, in a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Seating capacity

92 inside and 28 on the patio.

Type of food

Ok, ok, just kidding!
Fresh and never frozen Mexican food. We had a peek at their menu and there’s quesadillas, totras, platos, fresh made guacamole and much more!

Just how authentic is the food going to be?

El Mariachi uses hand-written recipes from Monica’s grandmother, who was born and raised in Mexico. Everything was made from scratch with wonderful ingredients that has been in their family for decades.
In fact, Monica still has the original book of recipes! Some of these rustic recipes have seen a modern spin put on them, while others stay truer to their origins.
So if you’re into absolutely authentic Mexican food stemming from old-school, hand written recipes directly from Mexico, this is the place for you.

The key component for them is to use fresh ingredients and most importantly, to never serve frozen dishes. The salsa is made fresh, the tortilla chips are cut by hand daily and Mike and Monica know that with a heightened awareness in consuming fresh, healthy food, taking the extra steps and care in preparing their food is paramount for success.

What can customers expect?

Consistently high quality, fresh and delicious food, very friendly service, memorable meals in a unique environment.


Yes to takeout…catering to follow in the coming months

Price range

Mid-range price for high quality, home-style and authentic Mexican food.

Specials & events

They’ll have live music starting up in a few weeks and just may have an authentic Mexican breakfast in the coming months. Check their website for upcoming specials and events.

Name origin

It was almost called Los Tacos by Mike but then Monica threw in “El Mariachi” into the ring as a consideration as a recognizable name for a Mexican restaurant and, well, it’s obvious which one they went with.

Type of clientele

If you’re hungry and want authentic Mexican food, El Mariachi has a table ready and waiting for you.
Families, friends, couples, colleagues, first (and hopefully second) dates…everyone is invited.
233 Queen Street South, in the heart of Streetsville