3 cool tech gift ideas for Mother's Day

We've got three great tech gift ideas for Mother's Day that you should look at this year!

Picture Keeper

As we're fully immersed in the smartphone age and there are millions of photos taken daily on phones, a cool tech gift for mom is a way to make sure she always has space on her phone to take pictures of whatever comes her way.
We do a fair amount of travelling for the magazine and as part of that, we take a ton of pictures and videos on our smartphone through our travels. We didn't want to risk running out of storage space during a recent 4 day trip to Montreal (it happened to a colleague last year and she was scrambling for a solution) so we decided to test out a new product called Picture Keeper Connect, which offers a photo/video back up solution.
It's quite simple to use as all that's needed is to plug the USB stick into your phone/tablet, launch the free app and hit "start backup."
We did a couple of transfers during the trip due to the high amount of video we took (including lots of bloopers!) to make sure that there was always plenty of available space on our phones.
If you're taking lots of video footage (like we do) this product is a great way to clear up space on your phone without having to transfer it to a lap/desktop; it can all be completed on the fly.
We found that the 16GB option worked well for our needs and it's going to be packed in our bags for all future trips and vacations.
With the majority of digital images being taken on smartphones, the Picture Keeper Connect gives you an easy to use solution that will help ensure you don't miss out on great memories.
For more information, visit www.picturekeeper.com

Avenza Maps


Join your mom for a few outdoor trips this year, whether it be a hike, walk, bike ride or jog/run.
As the Canadian National Parks System celebrates the country’s 150th birthday with free admission to all parks in 2017, seasoned outdoor adventurers, weekend warriors and daytrippers alike are venturing into Canada’s wilderness.
 Avenza Maps (free for Android, iOS and Windows) is a cool app to download. Gone are the days of fumbling with paper maps that get lost or torn--Avenza Maps enables users to access PDF maps on their smartphones, utilizing their devices’ built-in GPS receivers to mark their positions, routes, points of interest and more—all without data or Wi-Fi.
Used by National Parks Canada and National Geographic, Avenza’s catalogue of maps has Canadian explorers covered from coast to coast with a multitude of maps and map bundles for the country’s national parks. 


Etymotic's Noise Isolator Earphones

Give your mom the gift of quality sound this year with a quality set of earphones. We really like the mk5 offering from Etymotic.
With mk5 Isolator earphones, there’s no need to turn up the volume to overcome outside sounds...now every detail in the music can be heard clearly.
The Isolator matches the ear’s response for natural sound reproduction and low-level passages and the soft dynamics of music are heard clearly. They're ideal for personal listening and in-ear monitoring and will make everything sound great from jazz to blues to rock to classical music.
All Etymotic earphones seal the ear canal and provide noise isolation, but the mk5 does it in a low-profile case at a great low price, so maybe you can grab a pair for dad as well!

Best Sound Accuracy
True high fidelity requires sound to be reproduced as close as possible to live performance. Etymotic’s earphones and headsets have the highest response accuracy of all in-ear earphones and headsets. Etymotic is the only company that publishes accuracy scores.

Best Noise Isolation
Etymotic’s earphones have the highest noise isolation of all earphones, as measured by an independent laboratory accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Reduction of outside noise lowers the risk of listening at unsafe levels.