Small Business Profile: Outta

Outta is on a mission to spread an important message - it's time we start taking care of our mental health.

My name is Sally and I started my company, Outta, a little over one year ago. I noticed that there was a huge discussion going on about stigma (which is super important) but not enough about mind care.

This got me asking, "Why aren't we discussing this and educating people on how to care for our minds?" This is what sparked my idea to create awareness around mental wellness, using fashion and my personal message "get outta your head".

Unfortunately, the mental health crisis in our western world is becoming a huge issue among adults and especially youth. A part of this problem is not having proper coping skills to manage the daily stressors that come with living in a modern world. We have been taught to distract, consume, and keep ourselves busy. Outta's message is to instead pause, breathe, and reflect, when you find yourself overwhelmed.

By learning to live a little bit more mindfully, you are taking care of your mind by giving it a break.

I know this to be true because I am the 1 in 5 people who have mental health related issues. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a young adult and over the years, I have found ways of coping that involve mindfulness practices.

Along with raising awareness, we give back 10% of proceeds to mental health programs; we love to be involved with events and organizations that are also giving back and raising awareness. We like to keep production local and that's why all of our products are ethically made in Canada and are eco-friendly, too. 

Our top selling items are the hair tie bracelets which are part of our Hair Tie Project. When you purchase a set, one is meant to be given away to someone, to help spread mental health awareness.

Our bamboo/organic cotton racerback tank tops are a hit with the yogis. Super comfy and breathable for any sort of active lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more and be part of our mindfulness for mental health mission please visit our site and follow us on Instagram