Safe alternatives to cleaning your BBQ

We've all heard the news that the age old and trusty wire bristles on BBQ brushes are now considered quite dangerous. No one wants a wire bristle to get their throat after enjoying a delicious BBQ meal, but what are the alternatives?

As someone who BBQ’s frequently, I really like the Outset Mesh Scrubber Grill Brush, mainly because it's meant to be used on a hot grill. My significant other will tell you that I'm a germophobe and that nothing can ever be clean enough for me, so trust me when I tell you that scrubbing the grill while it's piping hot helps to disinfect before cooking. 
The Outset Brush has a long handle so you don't risk singing your arm hair while cleaning (I have done this more times than I care to admit.) 

The brush pads are made of stainless-steel mesh that can be used on all grill types, including porcelain and the pads are non-abrasive and soft enough to thoroughly clean between the grill grates. The woven mesh scrubbers are replaceable and for an average price of around $18.00 including the handle, this brush is a great investment.
Pro tip : Heat your grill to the highest temperature for at least 10 minutes. Dip your Outset Mesh Scrubber Grill Brush in a bucket of clean tap water and scrub the grill. Adding water provides the additional cleaning power of steam!

Another great option is the GrillStone® Grill Cleaning Block, a warm or cold grill cleaning option that the manufacturer claims will clean your grill four times faster than wire brushes or scouring pads. While it takes some elbow grease to create grooves in the stone in order to clean between the grill grates, the cleaning effect is quite remarkable. I really liked the fact that it is 100% chemical free and non-toxic and also that it's made from 95% recycled material. The GrillStone® Grill Cleaning Block is available without a handle through most online and brick & mortar retailers for about $6.00. It's also available as a set with a handle and 2 blocks for around $15.

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