Learn about the upcoming Music Expo presented by Mississauga Music


The Music Expo is happening on Saturday, September 23rd at The Rockpile just a touch east of Mississauga at the 427 and Dundas and features a daytime trade show style portion, an evening of amazing local live music and a first ever "Mississauga Music Awards" portion.

“Mississauga Music is partnering with The Music Expo this year, bringing a unique event to our city. Marc Belaiche (Toronto Jobs/General Mayhem) did a great job introducing the idea last year & now we are hoping to take it to the next level. We’ve got Alan Cross during the day and SUMO CYCO playing at night, along with a slew of Mississauga-based talent throughout the entire day on Sept 23rd. In addition, we are doing the first ever Mississauga Music Awards! If you’re a local musician or music fan, I don’t see how you are not curious…”
- Demetrius Nath, Mississauga Music/antiskeptic entertainment

This video will give you all the details needed for this all-ages event, which features keynote speaker Alan Cross, world famous for his vast knowledge of music and music history.

Visit www.mississaugamusic.com or www.musicexpo.ca to pick up your tickets!