Medical Monday - Relieve aches and pains at home


If you could have one service at home for free, what would you choose?  A house cleaner? A hairdresser? A personal trainer? How about a massage therapist?  There’s nothing worse than having achy muscles.  If you have ever cringed after getting out of bed or a chair, a massage may be an effective treatment to reduce muscle tension, pain and stress.  While it would be wonderful to splurge on trips to a massage therapist, it’s not always feasible or affordable.

A good handheld massager can provide some essential relief.  They are portable, lightweight and very therapeutic. There is no need to find a masseuse! You can use handheld massagers to cater to your individual and personalized needs.  

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Over the centuries, hand held massagers have been used as a form of medication and have been known to relieve neck pain, back pain, and achy joints.  A popular handheld percussion massager is the Technomedic handheld massager as it provides a comfortable and effective massage. The innovative design and streamline handle enables you to massage any part of your body easily, relieving muscle aches and reducing fatigue.  Many people prefer handheld massagers because they can use it by themselves. You can activate the vibrator providing a pounding effect to relieve aches and pains. Be sure to choose a hand massager that has a variety of attachments as they provide options for several parts of your body.

A great massager like the Technomedic handheld percussion massager can help with:

 Improving sleep

 Improving flexibility

 Relaxing muscles

 Shortening hospital stays

 Increasing immunity

How about you whisk yourself away in the comfort of your own living room and give yourself a good deep tissue massage?


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Disclaimer:  The content in this blog is intended for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice for medical conditions.  Please do not stop pain relieving medication without a prior consultation with your doctor.  You should not use this information to diagnose a health problem.  Please consult a qualified healthcare provider.