Medical Monday - How to help aging parents stay home longer


Have you been thinking about aging in place or would like to help your parents stay at
home longer? In a survey conducted by RBC in 2013, 84% of Canadians would prefer
to keep living in their own home rather than with family members or at an assisted-living
facility. Small home modifications can make living at home as safe as possible,
allowing family members and loved one’s assurance that their elderly family members
are taken care of.

A staggering number of seniors are at risk of becoming helpless in their homes following
a fall. Making a plan will provide your loved one with a positive experience as you will
be more prepared to respond to changes that may occur as they age. By implementing
home modifications that support aging in place, seniors are provided with
independence, allowing for great self control and quality of life.


The one place in the home where seniors want the most independence and privacy is
the bathroom. A product to consider in the shower or bath tub is a chrome grab bar.
Grab bars are easy to grab even in wet areas hence provide additional safety and limit
the chance of falling. Click here to learn about other bathroom safety products.
Chrome grab bars can also be used in the kitchen, in the laundry room or along
stairways to ensure safety in the home.


Bed assist bars are also a great aid in the home as they reduce the risk of patients
falling out of the bed. The hand-hold allows the individual to get in or out of the bed by
offering stability. Allowing the senior to reposition within the bed provides them with
independence. Medical Mart recommends the Bed Assist Bar by Medline as it features
a soft grip for comfort and a nylon pocket for storage of useful items.

Many home modifications are meant to prevent accidents and injuries. Some other
home modifications can include replacing faucets, upgrading flooring, improving your
lighting and more. Small inexpensive changes can make a big difference to a senior’s
safety and comfort. Chat with a Home Health Care Consultant at Medical Mart to
discuss how we can help the senior that you love, age in place.

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