Medical Monday - Tips to reduce the risk of falling


Falls can be worrisome for people of all ages, but it is especially terrifying when an
elderly loved one falls. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, falls are the
leading cause of hospitalization for seniors. Statistics show that 20%-30% of
Canadians over 65 experience falls every year.

People fall for various reasons including poor vision, reduced muscle strength, balance
problems, illness, alcohol consumption, slow reflexes, or tripping due to loss of traction.
Some medicines may increase the risk of falls including blood pressure pills, sleeping
pills, muscle relaxant, diuretics and heart medicines.


Here are some simple tips to reduce falls and can make the difference with a person
being able to live independently.

1. Remove Hazards in your Home – Remove cords, boxes, plant stands and
coffee tables from walkways and high traffic areas. Secure loose rugs with
double-faced tape and immediately clean spilled liquids or food. Use non-slip
mats in your bathtub or shower and use a bath seat while showering.

2. Use Assistive Devices – There are many devices that cater to a variety of living
situations including walkers, canes, handrails, walk-in showers, reaching aides,
seat lifts, stair lifts and back braces.

3. Wear Sensible Footwear – Well fitting shoes with a high back or collar that
supports the ankle, in addition to a hard, slip-resistant sole, can decrease the risk
of slips, trips and falls. Fall Prevention Slippers or socks with a double tread offer
continuous grip for patients providing extra protection.

You can also do exercises to improve your balance while holding the back of a chair or
counter. Keeping your bones healthy by walking, climbing stairs, and dancing will help
to keep bones stronger.


Fall prevention and safe mobility can potentially prevent fractures and hip injuries hence
it is important to implement fall prevention strategies. Medical Mart provides bath safety products, assistive devices, and sensible footwear to make your lives easier.

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