Scrabble Sunday - M through R

In an on-going series looking at unique words in the English language, Scrabble Sunday's are here to help you learn new words and look like a pro when playing this classic game.


In honour of family day, we take a look at words from M-R that you can use to take home the scrabble crown this weekend.


I know who a few people who are true mamaguy’s, I don’t mean mommas boys. A mamguy is someone who uses flattery or lies in order to deceive someone.


While some of you might think this is something your partner wears when they get on your case, you are too far off.  Nagware is software that is free for a trial period and then constantly remind the user to pay for it.

Not, this is not a variation of the OVO logo. O-O is a endangered Hawaiian bird from the Honeyeater family.


Get your head out of the gutter. A petcock is a small valve in a steam engine or boiler, used for drainage or for reducing pressure.

Interestingly enough there are no outrageous Q words simply because most Q words are a little outrageous so on to R we go!


Pronounced like rocky yet meaning nothing of the sort. Rawky is a foggy, damp or cold environment, the kind of place that makes my joints ache.