A review of Super Bowl MII's halftime performance


14 years later after Justin Timberlake’s last Super Bowl performance (the one with the unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction”) he will be headlining this years Super Bowl halftime show.
There was a lot of question as to if Jackson would make an appearance during the former NSYNC’s singer’s performance; but according to a statement made on twitter, she will not be partaking in the show.
The tweet read: “To put to rest any speculation or rumours as to whether I will be performing at the Super Bowl tomorrow; I will not. Thank you for your support and I do look forward to seeing you all very soon.”
And unfortunately, there was no comeback appearance by Janet Jackson.
However Justin Timberlake’s ‘come back’ performance was mediocre to many across the twitter universe.

He began the halftime show at a small stage, which led to stairs to the field of the U.S Bank Stadium.
He opened with his song “Filthy” which is a feature from his new album “Man of the woods” released this past February 2nd. 
Timberlake then transitioned to the song which caused the controversy of a life time, “Rock your body”.
Interestingly, he avoided the verse that ruined Jackson’s career 14 years ago.
It was almost as if he mocked it a bit, avoiding that one specific verse and moving on to the next song.
For old time fans, he included some of his greatest hits such as “Summer love” and “Cry me a river”.
There were also songs listed from his “Suit and Tie” album which included a marching band parading behind the pop-star.

One of the most memorable moments of this halftime performance was Timberlake’s tribute to an icon we lost in 2017, Prince
He sang while playing the piano to a slow rendition of Prince’s “I would die 4 u” while a projection of Prince was showcased in the background on a large banner.
The stadium and the city surrounding the stadium also lit up in purple in honour of the fallen icon.
Although many would think this is a good thing, there were Prince fans who were furious with the singer’s decision to pay his respects during this performance as the two didn’t exactly get along.
Both had made comments about the other, including Timberlake making a song with the lyrics “We missed you on the charts last week, Damn that’s right you wasn’t there, Now if se-sexy never left, then why is everybody on my sh-i-it? Don’t hate on me because you didn’t come up with it.”

To finish up the mediocre performance, Timberlake then made his way to the crowd as his back up dancers showed off bright vibrant colours to his hit song “Can’t stop the feeling”.
All in all, many seem to be disappointed with this performance.
There is speculation that Timberlake didn’t have anyone join him on stage because other stars stand in solidarity with Jackson.
Video footage from the stadium shows the crowd was actually quite quiet while the performance was under way.
It’s hard to say if this was the show Timberlake wanted, or the show that anyone wanted for that matter.

It seems as though Timberlake tried his best to become “unproblematic”, but with the show he put on, including his “tribute” to Prince, it seems as though he’s caused more and more controversy.
Some say this is karma for not owning up the way he should have 14 years ago and for allowing Jackson to take the blame when realistically, it was not her fault.