6 benefits of shopping at traditional retail locations


While shopping from the comfort of your own home may sound tempting, there certainly are benefits of shopping in traditional retail locations.

1.  No Shipping Fees

I mean like come on, don’t we all like to save money where we can. Well when we go in to shopping malls, that right there saves us some money. Why bother paying for shipping fees, when you can walk into a store empty handed and leave without spending an extra dime.

2.  No Waiting Around

Why waste time waiting around for a package when you can just get it on the spot at retail shops. When ordering online, packages can be delayed, which can mess up the reason behind your purchase in the first place. Wouldn’t it suck if that perfect outfit didn’t arrive on time for your party? Shopping in stores avoids that possibility and ensures you can show up ready to impress.


3.  Perfect Fit/ Getting Advice

Isn’t it helpful when you get the chance to see how a certain outfit looks on you? Even better, getting advice from a friend or your mom can literally make or break that answer for you.  Does a size small really fit you the way it should? Or would a medium fit more perfect at this store? When shopping in retail, you can try on as many different sizes and different colours to see what looks best on you.

4.  In-Store only Merchandise

See, the amazing thing that gets to me about retail is that they have merchandise that you won’t find online. Don’t you like to be unique?  I know I personally love to stand out and out shine everyone. Why not leave the store knowing you’ll stand out at that formal work party you’re attending and avoid showing up dressed the same as your peer.


5.  Supporting Commission Based Salespeople

Some retailers are based strongly on commission. So why not just walk into a store and give an employee some extra cash. We all love easy cash and a simple purchase from a store can go a long way for some people.

6.  It's a Social Event

One way of hanging out with the girls…or boys is by having a shopping date. Spoil yourself while hanging with the “fam”. Nothing feels better than just having a day that’s all about you and well … about spending cash. Why not spoil yourself a little?

Shopping malls can be a great excuse for you to get a glimpse of some fresh air. That couch you were probably on all day really needs a break from you, so get off your butt and get to the closest mall!