Modern Artist – The Dreamboats

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Paying homage to retro rock & roll since 2009, Mississauga’s incredibly hard working, talented band, The Dreamboats, perform cover songs between 1950 and 1965, with that groovy genre also influencing their original music. 
The band consists of Bryan Fligg, Gianmarco Fiacconi, Matthew Bestvater Tennison and Chris Hummel.
Says Chris Hummel “we love the pop and blues style progressions, three-part harmonies combined with modern production. On stage, we stay true to the era through dance moves and matching wardrobe.”
The name originates from the memorable “Johnny B. Goode” scene from Back to the Future where one of the gals in attendance referred to Marty McFly as a “dreamboat.” 

2017 was a massive breakout year, which saw them embark on their first US tour (California for three weeks) and their second European tour (14 shows in four countries.)
They performed at Ronnie Hawkins’  "Graceland of the North" estate dubbed the "Final Hoorah" before Hawkins sold the property. That gig saw them play with Jim Cuddy, Kris Kristofferson and of course, Hawkins.
Their original music from two EP’s (Blue Singles Vocal Warm Up) were (and still are) featured on A-list rotation on AM740. Impressively, these were the first songs added to rotation in the last 30 years!
Additionally, they performed at Moses Znaimer’s renowned ‘ideacity “conference and were invited to return in 2018.
Locally, these fine fellows and Robbie Lane and The Disciples sold out Hammerson Hall at our Living Arts Centre.

Building upon an amazing 2017, they’re poised to catapult even further in 2018.
The Dreamboats did another three-week tour in California, including the popular “Modernism Week” festival and are returning in autumn for additional gigs.
This spring, they’re releasing a six-song album of originals called "Cat City Sessions" along with a collection of cover songs recorded at Mississauga’s Metalworks. 

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In any niche market, the challenge is to stand out and be remembered. The Dreamboats, though hard work and perseverance, have achieved resounding success by staying true to their vision and crafting a positive industry reputation.  Smartly, they blend both era-specific cover tunes along with original music to increase listener appeal. 
Their collective advice for other bands/musicians, courtesy of Hummel is “be versatile. Whether it’s teaching, songwriting, video and audio production, live sound, marketing, booking, etc. The more well-rounded you are, the more employment opportunities will come your way. Most importantly, have respect and be likable. You'd be surprised how often your name will come up for employment with that trait alone.”

Looking forward, their goal is to earn a reputation as a household name, continue to make great music and videos, perform and receive radio airplay via charting singles. Most importantly, they strive to make friends, family and city proud of them while making a comfortable living by performing and doing what they love.