Modern Artist - Jen Leo

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Modern Mississauga Media and the talented, creative team at Pixie Blue Studio have come together to present the first of an ongoing series featuring local artists and explore their creative minds at play.
We’ll chat with various artists and learn about them through a series of six questions.

Describe your art in one playful word

If you could paint with an artist from the past; someone who has inspired you – who would it be? 
I've always loved Joan Miró

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What advice would you give your younger, creative self? 
Don't hold back, and don’t let what others think stop you from creating and following intuition

How does your creative mind recharge? 
Painting, giving into the momentum and releasing my creative energy is always a high. I also give in to high intensity exercise, re-charging my body keeps my mind positive and sharp 

My paintings are an exploration, where the process of each piece is a journey through my own experiences, memories, feelings, and desires.

What is your favorite quote? 
"Broken crayons still colour"

What genre of music do you listen to when you paint?
I always have to listen to something when I'm painting and kind of let my mood guide what I'm feeling in the moment. I love the old school 70's soul, jazz and funk

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About Pixie Blue Studio:

Pixie Blue Studio is located in the heart of Port Credit's "Artsy East Village."  Their team of creative minds strives to develop a hub where artists, photographers, musicians, writers and our community connect in a casual, inviting place. The studio is also a rental space plus it offers a variety of workshops, and supports the concept of creative wellness – it’s the studio where creative minds come to play! 905.990.7494

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