Restaurant Profile - Little Manilla Big Flavours

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Husband and wife duo, Kai and Mel, have opened their long-time dream Filipino restaurant, Little Manila Big Flavours right here in Mississauga! Since opening on April 28, 2018, the family owned and operated business has been thriving with tons of support from the Filipino community as well as others who simply love great food. This is all thanks to the wonderfully modern environment and authentic, exciting Filipino food the restaurant is known for. 

Signature Food Items

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Although their menu features several traditional Filipino dishes, their main focus is serving authentic Filipino food, but with a twist. In keeping with this theme, their main attraction is defiently the ‘Sizzling Sisig’ (a pork based dish marinated in a delicious sauce, served with a variety of vegetables and topped off with a raw egg), which everyone from the owners, to the staff and returning customers, will say is their ‘go-to’ dish. Some of their other specialties include Halo Halo and the Ube Cupcakes, which happen to be two of their super sweet desserts!

Signature Drinks
The main drink offered is Sago Gulaman, which is a mix of tapioca, jelly, shaved ice and a sweet syrup.     

Short Description
Bringing the traditional taste of the Philippines to Mississauga, but with a modern twist.

Seating Capacity
Keeping with the theme of being a quaint family restaurant, they can seat up to 30 people. 

Type of Food
Classic Filipino cuisine with a modern take and an elevated taste. 

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Menu Background
Coming from the minds of the two owners and brought to life by four very talented and experienced Filipino chefs, the menu features a wide variety of classic and modern Filipino dishes. They also strive to be as versatile as possible, which is why they feature breakfast, buffet lunch and a la carte menus every day! Additionally, the menu changes daily, with the exception of certain specialities, which is excellent because returning customers can always find something new to try! 

Price Range
With nothing exceeding $15, it is very affordable. 

What Can Customers Expect When They Visit? 
Amazing Filipino food in a friendly and welcoming environment that is reminiscent of the capital of the Philippines itself, Manila! 

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Although they do not deliver as of right now, they offer takeout. Additionally, they cater for large groups, as long as the order is placed in advance.

Saturday: 9AM - 8PM  
Sunday: 9AM - 6PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday:  11AM - 8PM 
900 Rathburn Rd. West