Modern Entrepreneur - Keith Travers

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Home Renovator Cuts and Polishes Semi -Precious Mississauga Properties

What does it take to turn a $650,000 house in Mississauga’s Applewood neighbourhood into a million-dollar home that is so astonishingly pretty it raises property values along the entire street? It takes an experienced home renovator with a wide spectrum of diverse skills, a business professional who can dream up cost-effective home improvement plans and build them on time and under budget.
This rare practitioner is more than a good building contractor; he's a flawless administrator, an amateur architect and journeyman carpenter all wrapped in one amazing business entity. More than any other trade, the renovator becomes the house-poor homeowner’s bridge to future prosperity, comfort and style.

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Keith Travers, the builder behind Eastview Homes, has formed his own opinions, techniques and approach to the art of renovating houses; his design-build carpentry unlocks the true potential in each property.  Like a gem-cutter who studies fresh dug stones, Keith surveys each house looking for its best angles before cutting, reshaping and polishing the property. In his preliminary walk-about, the Mississauga contractor takes in the structure from the curb and notes the angle of the sun overhead, and how the house is situated, and what it says to the world. Inside the domicile, like a diamond-smith he looks for flaws and dull facets that are uncomfortable and need brightening. And during that first survey he conceives notions which become schematics that remove ungainly portions to better open and expand interior spaces. The veteran home designer moves stairways, deletes walls, doubles doors, raises ceilings and adds kitchen islands to replace breakfast tables and become evening homework bars. 

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Side-split houses with two bedrooms over the garage and stairs in the center of the home were built all across Mississauga in the 1950's and 60's, and these awkward small-box structures are being remodeled today, and are often expanded with home additions to reshape and modernize their interiors. Like diamonds-in-the-rough, their faded vinyl sided red brick exteriors are resurfaced with stylish wooden columns and comfortable front porches. Each house is given a unique and commanding curb appeal to make it distinctive among the tall trees of what are now mature and coveted neighbourhoods.  
Keith Travers knows the perfect family home is a jewel that unlocks the best parts of life in Mississauga.

To have a conversation with Keith, call him at 905.334.0445 and visit