Improving the safety of your older vehicle


If you’re driving a vehicle that’s over 10 years old, chances are that you don’t have all the safety features that a car that’s 2-4 years old. Built in safety features (blind spot monitoring, back up camera, parking sensors, etc.) have become common in newer vehicles, and some car models even include these as standard features.
However, if you want to improve the safety of your older vehicle by means of installing an aftermarket backup camera, it’s a wise choice to make, since nearly every time you drive your car, there’s a very high chance that you’ll be reversing it.
As you’re moving a couple thousand pounds of metal, it only makes sense to know what’s behind you, especially since small children and animals can dart out behind your car without you being aware.

As cute as the line of “eyes in the back of your head” is, applying that phrase to your car heightens safety for both you and those around you in a parking lot/driveway.  Looking into a side-mounted camera will help eliminate that pesky “blind spot” especially if another driver is speeding up towards you.
The good folks over at TadiBrothers have the world’s largest back up camera shop and with a multitude of styles, types and models of back up cameras for any vehicle, are a solid choice to help eliminate blind spots in your car, truck, RV or van. They have forward facing cameras, side cameras and of course, reversing cameras.

Preventing collisions is the responsibility of all motorists and by fitting your older vehicle with modern technology, you’re taking an active route in doing your part to ensure you, your passengers and pedestrians are kept safe.