Modern Mississauga presents Ask The City - Is there a by-law that requires my neighbour to repaint their front and or garage door?

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Today’s question is from a resident who is tired of seeing the depreciating state of their neighbour’s property.  

My neighbor across from me is the only house on the street that hasn't repainted their garage or front door in 14 years (since the houses were first built). It’s so faded that there's barely any paint left; it’s starting to look like an old abandoned house! 
Is there a by-law that requires them to repaint?

The City’s Property Standards By-law outlines the requirements for maintenance of the exterior condition of a private property.

The by-law states that exterior doors, windows and exterior trim of every building, structure or part of a building or structure, should be maintained in a good state of repair, properly fitted to prevent the entrance of the elements and painted or otherwise treated to provide protection against decay and rust.

Residents can call 3-1-1 or email with their concerns and an area officer will assess the neighboring property and determine if the condition requires remedial action. All reports received are anonymous.

For more information, view the Property Standards By-law here.

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