Medical Mondays - Going the distance: what you need to know about mobility scooters


For some people, walking can be difficult.  Scooters are a great solution to help you travel from one place to another with ease.  Scooters are ideal for seniors, and some individuals affected by a disability. 

We have collated the most frequently asked questions asked by our customers to help you make the right decision when shopping for a mobility scooter.

1.    Are scooters comfortable to sit in?

Absolutely!  Scooters are designed to allow customers the freedom of accomplishing various tasks with ease and comfort.  Some models offer extra support for your entire back.

2.    Can scooters be used both indoors and outdoors? 

Yes!  Scooters are designed to offer a perfect balance between outdoor stable performance and indoor ease of maneuvering in tight spaces.


3.    What is the maximum weight it can hold?

Seats range between 19”-24.5” in width and the maximum weight ranges between 250-500 lbs.  Some models also offer high back seats, ideal for taller individuals. 

4.    What are some features of a scooter?

Some features include a dual voltage charger, mounted basket, non-scuffing tires, and one hand easy disassembly.  Customers always love the easy throttle control, simple freewheel operation, and adjustable flip-up armrests for maximum comfort and convenient boarding and exiting.  Accessories include mirrors, cane holder, oxygen bottle holder, left hand controls and a cover.

5.    How far do scooters travel on a battery charge? 

The average range on a mobility scooter is approximately 15 to 40kms.  Batteries should be charged once a day.

6.    Do I need a license to drive a scooter?

You do not need a specific license or insurance when you own a mobility scooter. 

Whether you need to visit the grocery store or go for a quick trip down the street, scooters will get you there in comfort and style.  Your medical mobility scooter can give you a new sense of independence to go places. 


Medical Mart offers a wide array of inventory to choose from including the Bobcat, Fortress and Gogoelite, carrying various manufacturers, including: Pride Mobility, Drive and Sunrise Medical.  If you live in Ontario, you may receive subsidization from the Assistive Devices Program.  Visit Medical Mart to try out a lightweight and transportable scooter.   Our professional team is available to answer your questions.  Be sure to ask about free delivery options.

Visit Medical Mart for all your health care needs.  

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