A handy infographic on pairing BBQ foods with wine and beer


Barbecuing is not just another form of getting foods on the table but a total skill that should be driven by a piece of passion. Passion births the essence of skill in choosing accompaniments for barbecues which is why we hold it dearly at heart; hence, this bbq and drink pairing chart.

Many days before we discovered the skill to this art, we couldn’t care about what drinks we took with what food, so obviously, enjoyment downplayed.
Now, as BBQ professionals, we love to walk you through this wine and beer food pairing path for we attest to the fact that there is some real good to be felt when a perfect pairing is done.

Food and drinks are meant to be paired as a satisfying balance to the tummy and tongue so it is pretty old-fashioned to leave one out of the other. In the same way, barbecues should always have a fantastic drink pair up to enjoy the complete taste and flavors that it sits in.

As a general rule of play, always pair spicy and sour foods with drinks with lesser levels of tannin and alcohol content while sweet foods can go with stronger drinks.

In the same way, thicker meat portions should go with stronger drinks because of the strong flavoring while leaner meats, cheese, fish, and vegetables can go with mild flavored and sweet drinks.

Pairing Wine and Beer With BBQ Chart