Chudleigh’s – A modern classic

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Having been one of Ontario’s premier farm destinations for 51 years, Chudleigh’s has become a modern classic through hard work, approachability, consistently high quality product offerings and as a way to relax with family and friends.
With the farm spanning 100 acres, this family-owned business has made smart use of their land as a way to pick apples, have fun and enjoy country life.  There’s a children’s entertainment area, plenty of areas to enjoy fresh food and you can even bring your own picnic lunch! There are huge hay bales, slides, tractor rides and an overall atmosphere of relaxed fun.

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“We’ve created something that’s aimed to bring our guests to visit the farm during off-apple season’s a great reason to come out, enjoy the farm and great music and relax.” says co-owner Scott Chudleigh.
I spent a few hours on the farm to soak in the experience and can see why visiting Chudleigh’s has become a ritual for families and friends for decades.

I asked Scott “how would you describe the Chudleigh’s experience?”

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He responded with:
“It’s a way to get away from regular life, to get away from the daily hustle and bustle. We’re here to give you a chance to destress. We offer unstructured play and encourage you to climb on a bale of hay, get on a wagon ride, go down a big slide. Walk the grounds, explore, and enjoy yourself. It’s a great new world we have here and want to share it with you.
Everything is safe here, from adults to kids. We’re a farm and are happy to welcome you.”

The family has shown smart foresight in proactively researching how they can better serve their guests. Keeping the fun and engaging elements that made them popular (those mouthwatering Apple Blossoms are a must!) and blending modern attractions including an outdoor patio and an outdoor pizza oven.

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