Learn about the Rock Paper Scissors art exhibition at Mississauga's Living Arts Centre


This exhibition presents works in clay, paper and textiles. Artists innovate on crafting techniques to create unexpected portraiture. These portraits range from representational to conceptual images and energizing materials through detailed investigations, experimentation, and the integration of digital components or processes.

The exhibition runs January 12 - March 17, 2019 .


Fuzzy Mall’s larger- than- life sculpted textile art work integrates kinetic elements with quilting to create a sense of joy and momentum; multidisciplinary artist and writer Christine Negus’ employs humour and irony in Children of Stones, an absurd ceramic and audio installation; a rarely seen rug- hooked piece from Hannah Epstein (2018 recipient of the Melissa Evan Emerging Artist Award from the Textile Museum of Canada) walks the line between traditional craftwork and contemporary 3-D cartooning; Christine Kim intricately cuts and folds paper into mesmerizing wearables sculptures; Christine Fry’s Industry Series questions the location of image ownership by drawing on corporate stock Mylar; Kim-Lee Kho’s A Full Heart Series hybridizes digital processes into anatomical renderings of the human heart; Lindsay Gravelle inscribes narrative myths onto ceramic vessels; and Philip Hare’s playful , For Crying Out Loud questions the embedded meaning of materials.
This exhibition was curated in two parts by Lee Petrie and Katie Micak.


Gallery Hours: 
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm 
Sunday 1pm - 4 pm
Monday Closed
Admission is free. All are welcome.