3 Great Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air

Though plants have a visual excellence, and can even provide food, these aren’t the only benefits they bring to a home. Many people don’t even realize the houseplants they keep actually purify the air.

This is what plants do. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale fresh air. Additionally, some plants inhale and exhale other compounds as well, removing things like formaldehyde from the air you breathe.

For those of us old enough to remember the days where we didn’t have a word count checker, recall the stress that came along with it. If only this article was available then!

Following, we’ll briefly explore three plants that can help purify the air of your home, while simultaneously de-stressing the premises collaterally. This is another benefit of plants in the house that many don’t even realize


1. Bamboo Palm
Bamboo palm is a fine air-purifying plant you can keep in your home. It also grows easily, looks great, and has an exotic quality to it. If you haven’t ever kept bamboo palm, it’s a relatively simple plant to keep healthy; so there’s the additional advantage of easy care.


2. Lavender
Lavender is beautiful, it’s got a fine color, an enticing aroma, and it helps not only purify the air, but make the premises more comfortable. The smell and look of lavender is refreshing. Furthermore, it’s an easy plant to keep that can be grown from a seed with relative ease, and cost-effectively. You can go to the following link for some lavender seed.

3. English Ivy
English ivy is a green and white plant that often grows similar to a vine, and is the second-most powerful air-purifying plant according to NASA. It can totally cover an area, and it’s easy to keep healthy.

English Ivy thrives in environments like, well, England, as its namesake implies. This makes it a perfect fit for most homes throughout the continental United States—even in the northern latitudes. Also, this plant looks very nice, and is an excellent air-purifying agent.

If you’re going to have the most stress-free home, certainly you’ll want to regularly maintain the premises, and take care to upgrade or renovate as is appropriate. Additionally, you’ll want to use collateral means of bettering your property for best results. Find plants that are agreeable to you, that you don’t have allergies to, and that fit your décor.

Lavender, English ivy, and bamboo represent easy-to-grow plants that are affordable, clean the air, and destress the home. However, they’re just several plants; thousands exist that could do similar things for you and your home. So do a little research, find which plants are most agreeable to you, and simultaneously clean the air while de-stressing your domain.