Modern Technology - How to stand out online in 2019


In today’s digital world where it’s a constant battle for clicks, reads, likes and shares, there’s a multitude of ways each of us have to grab a seat at the proverbial online table.
2019 sees an acceleration in being able to create, promote and expand yourself, regardless of what exactly it is you do.

From entrepreneurs to artists to food and drink enthusiasts and everything in between, we’ve all got something to share with the world. The challenge is presenting the information so that you’re able to connect with the online community.
Here are some ideas that can help you stand out online this year:

Whether you create a spotlessly edited promo video or you’re doing a selfie-video for Instagram, video content is the strongest driver content-wise for 2019.
A quick “behind the scenes” video of a cool project you’re working on (careful not to project is as
bragging) brings your audience (new and existing) closer to you/your brand.


Instagram Stories
The wildly popular medium, Instagram Stories, is an excellent route for connecting as well. It’s an easy and effective way to illustrate your brand and there’s a low barrier to entry. If you’ve got a smart phone, you’ve got access to this outlet.
The beauty of this is that you can do the impromptu, low-fi content (of course, planned content also works here) and push your message out immediately. Maybe you’re showing a new product, a recent renovation, what you’re working on or even shout-out another business/person.
If you’re struck by inspiration or have a message that others may appreciate, hit “record” and create your clear, concise and short message.


Leaving your comfort zone
Easy to say, hard to do and certainly worth trying. Start with something small for 30 days so you can evaluate it and see how much it’s helped you move forward.
For me, it’s putting my face out there for Modern Mississauga Media. It could be a 60 second video recapping my week, acknowledging my clients and readers or even something quirky, like “this is how I roll my socks.” Whatever the outcome, you’ll gain knowledge and experience and hopefully, grow your business/brand.


Interacting with your online community is, to me, more important than what you post.  Engaging with those who’ve taken time to comment on your content is a sure-fire way to build a connection with them. While I personally don’t “feed the trolls” I do read every comment and give a genuine comment in return. It’s also a great way to start a conversation and learn more about your audience…you may even receive valuable insight into how your brand is perceived/received.