Modern Mississauga presents Ask The City - How do I report a pot hole or a damaged curb in Mississauga?

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Today’s question is about reporting road or sidewalk damage.

How do I report a pot hole or a damaged curb in Mississauga?


The extreme weather this year has had a significant impact on Mississauga’s infrastructure like roads, sidewalks and curbs.

Each spring, the City of Mississauga starts its seasonal road repair work like filling pot holes, repairing sidewalks and curbs damaged by winter conditions.

If you see sidewalk or road damage, there are several ways you can report it:

1.    Use Pingstreet on your phone or tablet

 Pingstreet is a free mobile app where you can submit your requests 24/7. Along with reporting various problems like sidewalk or road damage, graffiti or illegal signs, you can also request a temporary parking permit.
Learn more about Pingstreet:

2.    Calling or emailing 31-1

3-1-1 is a non-emergency phone number that connects residents to City of Mississauga’s customer service. Call 3-1-1 or 905-615-4311 outside city limits to report a pot hole or damaged sidewalk to a Customer Service Advisor. The hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
You can also email to report road or sidewalk damage.
Learn more about 3-1-1:

3.    Services online

 You can also report any sidewalk or road damage online through the City’s website 24/7. However, if you use this method, the damage must be located at an address – otherwise, it’s best to use the other two methods.

 Report a pot hole or other road damage:

 For more information about the 3-1-1, visit

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