Modern Food & Drink - Keeping Up with the Catering World with Naan & Kabob

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In the modern workplace, coworkers are spending more and more time together and looking for new experiences to bond.

Dealing with fast-paced schedules and growing demands, it is not always convenient to leave the office and head to a restaurant for a full dine-in experience. As a result, customers are increasingly eager to order-in and share meals with work colleagues directly within their office environment.  

According to Fahim Ahmadi, Director of Operations at Naan & Kabob, restaurants and catering businesses must offer clients an experience beyond the basic dine-in format in order to remain competitive.

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“It is important for restaurants to be able to provide customers quality food in settings outside of the traditional restaurant space,” says Ahmadi. “At Naan & Kabob, we take pride in offering clear and effective ordering services so customers can enjoy a delicious and comforting meal while still being productive at the office.”

Naan & Kabob, a family-run restaurant based in the GTA with its own catering service, is well-versed in the hospitality industry and notes that providing efficient ordering services can have huge impact on a restaurant’s overall success.

“Providing clients with an ordering tool that it simple and easy to understand allows for quicker delivery times and improved operations,” says Ahmadi. “Keeping up with the latest technology that is reshaping the industry, we have been better able to serve our customers and keep them happy.”

Customers arranging catering from Naan & Kabob simply need to fill out an online ordering form and the restaurant will take care of the rest. Whether catering for a small group or a larger special event, Naan & Kabob can assist with planning and suggest versatile meal options. As a catering service, Naan & Kabob offers its customers a variety of menu options suited to please every taste and diet, from Halal meats to plant-based meals.

Some of the go-to office lunch options on the menu are:

·         Silver and Gold platters - ideal for sharing in the office

·         Freshly baked naan flatbreads

·         Kabob wraps

·         Build your own kabob trays

·         Individual kabob boxes

·         Baklava dessert trays 

With five locations throughout the GTA, Naan & Kabob’s menu thrives on offering fresh ingredients, vibrant flavours and healthy options. Using fresh halal ingredients that are preservative-free, Naan & Kabob crafts healthy Afghan dishes with vibrant aromas and exciting flavours. Naan & Kabob provides quality dine-in and catering services for its customers from several locations across Toronto, Markham and plans are in the works to open not one, but two restaurants in Mississauga.