Why Bluepillow.com can be the best way to find your economic holiday apartment



Looking for travel offers? Where should you go on holiday? How much does a holiday in Malta or a holiday in the Caribbean cost? When should I go? To find all these answers but most of all to find the best offer on the market, you should certainly consult Bluepillow, a real necessity nowadays: because it can really help you to find the best travel offers and holiday offers of the moment, organised by departure date or by destination, to save you time and offer you the best solutions.

How can Bluepillow help booking my holidays?

How much can you save? If you save 5%, you're doing well, though in some cases you can reduce your costs a lot more. To inspire you check BluePillow.com,  the global holiday accommodation search engine that allows you to find the best solution at the lowest price and allows you to group everything on one site. It's easy to use, commission free and designed for modern travellers like you who want an authentic, tailor-made travel experience.

Get everything booked at once, avoiding opening those thousands confusing tabs on your browser with a package deal.  It is Ideal for family holidays, romantic getaways or business trips and you may even save a lot of money.


A classic alternative that many travellers choose, is to decide going on vacation when others can’t: meaning travelling during low season. Package prices, for instance, drop rapidly towards the end of August and it  probably happens because most people want leave on vacation as soon as possible, according to ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents). Another reason why this happens is because  many people don't want to be away on vacation the week right before the schools starts again, so if you can leave in the end of that month you're likely to save money.

Sometimes though, travelling in these periods is just not possible: whether you don’t have holidays available on that period nor your dream destination wouldn’t be as dreamy as it is in those weeks, you might have to give up to your holidays because of the high prices. 

One sure thing is that, no matter the objective of your trip, Bluepillow has the right solution for you, searching among more than 10,000,000 holiday homes and allows you to save time and money on your next trip by comparing the best offers among those online.

This is not all, today Bluepillow is the only Italian comparator of accommodation, which includes both holiday homes and hotels, but also villas, bed & breakfasts along with any other type of accommodation in a single site.

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What is the Bluepillow model?

Our model is based on the collaboration with the most important online tour operators in a free way for the end customer, also providing for the opening of its platform to allow equally to advertise the accommodation facilities and its services to all, from large international portals, to individual owners. On the same portal you will see, will be able to combine the share economy to the needs of the most sophisticated travellers to access an inventory of over 8 million facilities worldwide.

 Hosting on Bluepillow

Another interesting feature of this website is that if you own a holiday apartment and want to rent it Bluepillow will offer you the online platform where you can register and upload the pictures of your accommodation. Millions of users everyday will secure a lot of visibility for your property and think about all the things you can do with the extra income gained! Now go ahead and be ready for your new guests!