6 intelligent ways to boost your Instagram account

With Instagram recently leveling the playing field while it continues to grow in popularity, here are my six ways to maximize your account:


1. Find your purpose

Maybe you haven't found your purpose in life but that doesn't mean your Instagram account hasn't.
If you're a business, what are you trying to tell people about services or products? Include this in your bio, whether it's an emoji, statement or hashtag.

2. Give it personality

Are you trying to be cheeky, professional, sarcastic or funny? Think about qualities to add character to your account and apply it to your captions. Think phraseology; it’s a real thing. What filters are you using on your photos to pull your viewers in? Is it airy-blue tones, black and white or moody vibes? Whatever it is, add personality to it.


3. Make a commitment

This rule should be applied to theme, layout, and fonts and remember to be consistent.  If your audience doesn’t know what to expect, they'll become disinterested.  Listen to what they want but remember to be confident in your account's purpose (Cue the song  “Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel”).
Also, be realistic -  can you post once a day or once a week?

4. Tag, tag, tag

Utilize  geotagging, hashtagging and tagging. Tag more established accounts if they are relevant to your post. Using hashtags in your stories might get you noticed on the “Explore” page. Share other people's posts that are relevant to your account.


5. Be resourceful

And by resourceful, I mean use Google. Check out apps such as Snapseed, Font Candy and Planoly to help you design, create and plan your posts for a higher chance of engagement.

6. Don't be late.

What's a long-lived rule that never gets old? Be on time. Schedule your posts at peak times and post consistently. If you are late, let your followers know to show them you care.
"I'm so bad at planning", you say? Well, it's not like I just mentioned an app that can help you plan your posts..wink wink.
Psst... it’s in #4. It's called Planoly.

Lauren enjoys online shopping and never buying anything, wine, guacamole. And her son. Yeah. She likes him too. Food enthusiast. Camera crazy. Not a fan of Caillou.
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