Fly Fishing in Ontario: Is It Really Worth the Time or the Drive?


For those whose traveling purposes is mainly for the love of fishing, you probably already know the many perks of fishing in Canada and know that fishing in Canada is absolutely worth the drive. But there are still some anglers out there who have yet to take the plunge into Canada’s fishing scene.

Regardless of if you currently live in Canada, are American, or traveled from overseas, if you plan a trip to Canada for fishing, you will, of course, want to go to the fly fishing capital of Sunset Country located in Ontario. Sunset Country is widely known for its fishing opportunities. According to, Sunset Country has over 70,000 lakes and rivers and several different types of fish but the main five species that you’re guaranteed to find are:

●     Muskie

●     Bass

●     Lake Trout

●     Walleye

●     Northern Pike

 Those five are fish you’re definitely going to find but in other lakes, you’ll also be likely to see perch, crappie, and whitefish too, along with other types of different fish as well. If you are considering coming to Ontario for a fly fishing excursion, the one thing you don’t want to forget is your walleye fishing tackle kit. Being that walleye are so abundant in Ontario, it’ll be worth your while to have.


Also, when embarking on a trip to Ontario, you’re going to need to stay more than just one night so before you come, it could fun to turn your trip into a glamping trip as well! There are actually lots of locations in Ontario where you can fly fish the day away and head to some of the best glamping locations in Ontario.

Now, aside from the beautiful glamping locations, you probably need a little more convincing as to why fly fishing in Ontario is absolutely worth the drive. We’re going to dive deep into why you definitely need to make that drive to Ontario to go fly fishing.

Ontario Has an Abundance of Several Different Species

As mentioned earlier, Ontario has over 70,000 lakes and almost all of them are fishable. You can fry them up for some good offshore eating or toss them back in the water for sport. Here are a few of the most popular species to catch in Ontario.


Walleye is a fish that’s most commonly found in just about all of the northwestern lakes in Ontario. The cool thing about walleye is that they come in small sizes as well as big sizes too. The smaller size fish are truly the most tender and delicious fish you’ll put in your mouth, especially if you fry it up good. Most people toss the larger ones back in the water.


The muskie fish has been nicknamed as the “fish of 10,000 casts” due to the difficulty in catching them. If you’re able to catch this species of fish, you can be greatly rewarded by catching the like of such large fish that can be as big as a whopping 50” or bigger!

Northern Pike

Northern Pike is found in most of the lakes in Ontario and typically are trophy-sized so if you catch one, you can expect to snag one that can be as big as 45” and be as heavy as 30 pounds.

The Lakes Aren’t Crowded


With there being over 70,000 lakes and rivers in Ontario, it shouldn’t be hard to believe that there are more lakes and rivers than people living in Sunset Country. Sunset Country only has 15,000 people so if you came to visit, that might make it 15,001 people! Just kidding but if you do come to visit, you can rest assured in knowing that the lakes won’t be overpopulated by anglers. It can be a bit of turn off when you want to go fishing but there are so many people fishing that it makes you not want to go fishing… you don’t have to worry about that in Sunset country.

You Have a High Chance of Catching Trophy Fish

Ontario is not one of those destinations where you’ll be sitting on a dock or on a boat waiting for hours to only catch a teeny-tiny fish. One thing that Ontario has been doing is conservation fishing and this has been practiced for more than 20 years now. Because of conservation fishing, anglers now have a higher chance of catching more trophy fish than smaller fish.