6 Tips for staying cool while sleeping during summer


As temperatures rise, it can be harder to fall and stay asleep.
The popular alarm clock app, Sleep Cycle, has shared some key tips to get a good night’s rest on hot summer nights:


Cover the windows. Closing the windows and curtains in your bedroom keeps out heat during the day–wait until sunset before you open them!

Stay low. The closer you are to the ground, the colder the air. The colder the air, the better you'll sleep.

Cotton is king. Always opt for pure cotton bedding and sleepwear for a cooler sleep; a loose t-shirt and shorts are the perfect combo...unless you like to sleep naked, then just go for it!


Be a loner. There’s no time for cuddling during a hot night because body heat transfers. Avoid touching your partner while sleeping or opt for separate comforters (or beds).

H2O. Hydrate throughout the day in preparation for a hot night to help your body regulate its temperature for a cooler sleep.

If all else fails, turn to ice. Cold showers before bed are refreshing and cool you off. Keep a glass of ice next to you, and dab your wrists and neck to cool down.

The most important tip of all is to log your notes in the Sleep Cycle app to better track the changes and see what works best for you!