10 cleaning tips for your car's interior


A car is an extension of your home, and you should treat it as such. When you have a family, your vehicle can get a little messy as you take your kids to school and drive to work. The car will get quickly cluttered with trash and residues that can make it look pretty bad at the end of the day. Most guys get help to keep their cars neat on the outside. You can also do it with the inside. Searching for the best headlight restorer is as valid as searching for advice to keep your car clean all the time. Do your best to follow these car cleaning hacks to maintain an exact vehicle:  

Get Rid of the Trash 

If you use your car a lot take a moment to gather everything that could be considered trash the minute you park. Take everything out and dispose of it in a trash can. Do this every time, even if you are only throwing away a small piece of paper.

Make Sure to Clean Anything that gets Sticky 

Your cup holder can get pretty dirty if you have kids and they consume drinks on the vehicle. They also get dirty by holding out your morning coffee. Prevent these messes by placing silicone cup liners inside the cup holders in the back seat and carrying dry cloth rags on your car to deal with emergencies. 

Dust Your Car Before Driving 

One of the oldest car cleaning tricks is to keep a microfiber cloth or a duster in your car to clean the console, the seats and everything else that can get dusty before going out. You will keep dirt to a minimum before a significant clean-up.


Keep the Steering Wheel Clean as Wheel

One of the car cleaning tips that no one tells you is to keep the steering wheel as clean as possible. This is probably one of the items that get dirtier in the car. You are handling it with your bare hands at all moments, and you probably are not washing your hands every single time you use it. Make sure to clean it up with a product of your choice to avoid the presence of bacteria. 

Clean the Car Seats Frequently

Your car probably has one out of two options: faux leather seats or fabric. Anyone of those gets dirty in very different ways, and both can affect your health in the long run, especially your skin. Fabric can be cleaned up using a sturdy brush, while the faux leather needs to be cleaned using a product of your choice and a few rags. 

Remember to Clean the Car Windows

Windows get incredibly dirty on any car, more so if you have a family. Scrap the newspaper to clean them up though. This type of paper no longer does the job. Use a little spray bottle of liquid to clean windows on your car or garage and make a swipe at them after you are done with the transportation of the day. 


Take Care of the Windshield as Well

You can offer the windshield the same treatment as the windows, even if it doesn’t get as dirty as them on your end, you need to have a clear view at all moments.

Keep the Car Carpet Clean 

You will be amazed at how much dirt and particles that can at the bottom of the carpet of your car. To get them out make sure to spray a little baking soda on the floor and let it rest for half an hour at least. Use your vacuum to collect the residues. The baking soda will take anything getting caught in the carpet. You can reach those tricky spots using a high-pressure car cleaning tool before the vacuum.

Neutralize Odors with Air Fresheners

While not a permanent solution, air fresheners can help you keep a clean car that also smells great. Try to hunt down an established brand that can last at least a couple of weeks. If you are dealing with bad odors that won’t go away, you probably need to check the air system of the vehicle.  


Make Sure to do Proper Maintenance to the Air System

The A/C system of your car works alongside the air system of the vehicle. This system takes a lot of punishment from the outside. Make sure to keep it clean so you can keep fresh air circulating in your car at all moments.