Keeping Connected

by Closing the Gap Healthcare Group

As our parents age and our lives continuously get busier, it can become increasingly more difficult to ensure we are investing enough time to stay connected with them. From our parents’ perspective, a lot is also happening in their lives which emphasizes the need to stay connected with the outside world. Loss of close friends, mobility issues, and even moving into a new home can increase the risk of isolation. In fact, in 2014 the National Seniors Council released a report citing the strong correlation between health and social isolation. Physical and mental health is greatly affected when people become socially isolated. It is imperative that as people age, they have someone to talk with, someone who will listen and someone to stay connected with to ensure that they are safe.

Keeping Connected is a senior companionship program that allows your loved ones to receive calls from our call companions where seniors who are feeling lonely can discuss anything that they desire. Keeping Connected Call Companions ensure that seniors aren’t feeling lonely by interacting with them on a personal level and at the same time ensuring that they are safe at home.

Clients enjoy these calls because it’s not medical checkup, it’s a friend on the other side. Clients receive 30-45 minute calls from the same call companion at a set time throughout the week so they become much more comfortable and open up to them about their feelings. Before long, Keeping Connected call companions become an integral part of their social life which benefits their mental health.

This program not only helps from a mental perspective but can improve physical health as well. During these phone calls, clients will let their call companion know if they recently fell or are experiencing a new physical issue that they may not think is serious but could ultimately lead to bigger issues.  Keeping Connected call companions take note and report these issues to the client’s family members or care team before they require a trip to the hospital.

Keeping Connected also benefits caregivers by reducing stress. Constant contact with your loved ones provides you the comfort of knowing that someone is with them when you can’t be. It works around your schedule and your loved ones so they can maximize their social interactions.

Bring down stress levels, reduce loneliness, and decrease hospitalization will improve the health of both you and your loved one. Call us today to find our how your loved one can join the program. Keeping Connected is available across Ontario and is available to anyone. Call Closing the Gap at 905-306-0202 today and receive your first month free. *

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