Winter Driving Tips

by Jay Kana

Brace yourself for winter! While it’s wise to have a roadside assistance program and your winter tires on, there are also some things you should keep in your vehicle when the cold hits:

1. Jumper cables. Fruitcake lasts forever. Car batteries don’t. Jumper cables give yours or someone else’s that extra bit of life needed.

2. A spare jug of winter washer fluid. It’s hard to drive safely without a clear line of sight.

3. Extra wiper blades. They go nicely with that spare jug of winter washer fluid.

4. A snow brush with an ice scraper at the end of the handle. It’s kind of hard to brush away solid ice.

5. A blanket. Stranded? A blanket will raise your body temperature by a few degrees as you wait for Prince/ Princess Charming (a.k.a. roadside assistance) to rescue you.

6. Chocolate. Also, foods like granola bars, jerky and dried fruit, because there won’t always be a McDonald’s 10 steps away from where you’re stranded.

7. Bottled water. Make sure it’s no more than 75 percent filled to avoid exploding. I suppose you could eat snow if you’re against plastic bottles.

8. Flashlights, flares, batteries and candles. To keep you occupied while waiting for help, you can work on your imaginary lightsabre-wielding skills—while making yourself easy to find in the dark.

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