The "Mississauga Roads" App aims to make getting around the city easier

by Jay Kana

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Let me start by saying I'm a fairly organized guy when it comes to planning my driving route, regardless of if it's down the street, a few blocks or multiple stops across our great city.
I also have a strong dislike for traffic, specifically, being trapped in it. Mainly because it wastes gasoline, increases pollution and throws off my schedule (yes, I'm a semi-ish micro manager of my time).

The City of Mississauga realizes that as the sixth largest city in the Great White North, there's bound to be congestion, delays, construction and of course, a yearly visit from the cold, snowy side of everyone's favourite gal, Mother Nature.
If you have to head out while it's snowing, wouldn't you want to know which roads have been plowed? As a teenager, you can suggest a self-appointed "snow day" because the roads may be too dangerous to travel on.
You can plan a faster route by adjusting your travel plans depending on what road(s) have active construction on them, or if there are any emergency road closures.
Besides, who wouldn't want a faster commute?

All of this is via a simple, free app that is found here:

With the weather reports found on national news mediums, you get an overall picture of what's happening. The City's free app enables a specific focus on Mississauga to better serve its residents and those visiting the city.

Take a look at the free app as whether you're a driver or not, there's many benefits offered here.

If you want a smoother, faster and more efficient commute  (and not compromise safety, of course), you should at least check out the aforementioned site, if not download and use this cool app.

We'd love to hear what you'll do with the time you've saved.