Modern Fitness: The importance of community and positivity

On Tuesday, we kicked off our fitness series with insights from Modern Mississauga's Lead Fitness Writer, Alicia Jones. Alicia also interviewed Mississauga’s top fitness experts for their most valuable tips, starting with some guidance for older adults from fitness expert Christina Nowak, and continuing with some inspirational advice from Fitness Batallion founder Flavio Gracile. Today, Alicia discusses the power of positive thinking and the importance of an encouraging community with Crystal Mallari.

Crystal Mallari

Crystal Mallari

10 years ago, Crystal Mallari transitioned from a career as a top performing artist on stages such as Mirvish to a career as a vivacious Fat Loss Expert, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Life Coach. She now brings her dynamic personality to her very own fitness studio, R3 Evolution. This boutique style studio specializes in small group classes and online fitness classes that give you the sensation of one-on-one personal training but in a class environment.  Crystal also performs 20 minute workouts on R3VOLVE Life Fitness on Mississauga’s Rogers TV (airing February 2016).

Crystal says: “All that matters is that you try. Give it your best. That’s all.” With Crystal it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at or what size you are. 

Crystal’s tips revolve around the principle that fitness is about connection and acceptance for all:

  1. Join a fitness community: At a “big box” gym, you are a number (a credit card number) and not necessarily a name. Join a community where people know who you are, where each member will encourage other members to keep going!  In fact, it’s about being more than a community - it’s about being a family…a FIT FAMILY!
  2. Change up your workouts regularly: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Choose classes that are different, or studios where you’ll never be doing the same class twice. 

Keep an eye out for more tips throughout the week from the rest of our fitness experts at Modern Mississauga!